Well… If you’re in the U.S. all you’ve been hearing is China this, China that.  Right?

If you’re a Ecommerce business owner like me that deals almost exclusively with China you tend to get a bit worried.  And if you aren’t you should be.

The talks are it Donald J. Trump were to be elected there would be some sort of trade war with countries like China, Japan, and Mexico.  Which in my opinion could really happen.

First a little back ground on AliExpress.

It is a company that has quickly and quietly become one of the biggest companies on the planet.  Passing Amazon and many others on it’s way to the top.  But how?

Well it’s relied on free trade to become a power house.  It’s big brother or sister Alibaba relies on the same thing.  Even if you have to pay your ass in shipping to the your customers.  Or, waiting for over 14 days to receive the product for your customers.

Trump Tarriff

Believe dat….

Countries start hearing tariff and they get pissed.  But, to the point so be it.  Think about all the business that we bring in from China alone.

Should I think that there aren’t as many business owners there in China that don’t or can’t sell U.S. products?  Why not?  Well, they’re all made in China.

Which sucks for us right.  But, why don’t people in China buy more of the same products that we sell here like Nike, Reebok, etc.  Odds are they made it.

Here’s the deal, do I believe that Trump could kill AliExpress here in the United States.  Yes!  But, do I think that’s necessarily a bad thing?  NO!

Heres why:

  1. Better Product:  Think about it a bit.  I know the China T-shirts are cheap.  But they’re Cheap!  We get the product and we justify it by saying that Nike does it so it can’t be that bad.  Well, guess what we just don’t have the buying power that these big companies have.  And to tell you truth, are their products truly that much better or is it just marketing?
  2. Shipping time:   I really hear a ton of onliners justify the 14 day shipping time and really is it that big a deal?  Ah Yeah!  If you could tell your customers that they’ll be receive their product that they’re honestly dying to get in less than a week?  How could that be a bad thing?  I love the fact that maybe you can negotiate with a AliExpress dealer for 1 week delivery, but not have to would be just great!
  3. Building U.S. Economy is Good:  Not only is it good for the Economy it’s also good for business owners and us.  How hard would it be for you to negotiate with a small business owner right down the street versus in a different country?  The answer is not hard!  What will happen in my opinion is we will start doing all the innovation that is done over seas right here.  We’ll start seeing warehouses doing T-shirts at a decent price that we can then deal to our customers.  Will we pay a bit more?  Maybe… But not much for a better quality product and we can have more faith in the product we sell.
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Thats just a few reasons why AliExpress death in the United States may not be a bad thing.  I’m not saying that they can’t adapt.  They could open up shop right here in the U.S. and we might not miss a beat in our businesses, which would be great.

But, I really think that’s what it’s gonna take.  AliExpress and Alibaba are gonna have to start using more U.S. vendors dealing worldwide if they want to be competitive in a Trump Presidency.

Which in my opinion, will do the American business owners more equality in the Aliexpress market.  And not to mention the fact that our customers here will be getting the best service.

So, in the end, do I think that Trump could kill Aliexpress?  Yes.  It’s possible.  Even probable.

But again I think that they can adapt and become even more of a power house in the market, and provide better service worldwide.