Failure Is Lonely

Ever feel like you’re only person thats not successful on the freaking planet?

I know I did for along time.  I watched tons and tons of people become successful almost over night.

We all have the friend that it just seems like everything they touch turns to gold, right.

But lets be honest, we all have a few people in the back that will never do a dam thing with there lives.  So we tell ourselves that as long as we don’t get there, we’re okay.

I own three retail stores, or brick and mortar stores as the guru’s will tell ya.  Each of them pose their own challenges.  It just seems like everyone is coming in for their piece of the pie.  It almost like the dam mobsters are coming in offering protection for that cash under the table, except these people all have badges.

We have the licensing, employees, insurance, weights and measures, taxes, attorneys, health department, osha, etc.  Craziness!

So naturally I’ve always been intrigued with the online business world.

How hard could it be right?

Or so I thought…  I thought that I could just get in there and just out work everyone and float to the top.

I found out you can’t force you way to the top of the online world with just hard work.  Even tho you’ll probably hear 50 people a day tell you thats all you need to do.  Everyone has something to sell and something that will make you the next person standing next to a Ferrari.

Trust me, you can work harder than anyone on the planet and still not make it.  You have to work smart.

Let me give you an example.

I can sell.  I can sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves.  Face to Face.

So I could get out and start knocking heads with my new handy dandy cleaner that cleans everything from rust to baby throw up.

Or… I could place one ad on Facebook to a very specific targeted audience and not get out my PJ’s.  (Probably sell more)

I know.. Stupid right.

Moral of this story.  Don’t force it!

Don’t just sit there and duck your head like the guru’s will tell you do.  Come up for air.  Do what you like.  Their are businesses out there that you can be successful in.

Online businesses are not just easy peasy lemon squeezy.  They’re called businesses for a reason.  They’re hard.

So don’t just go out and pick the newest diet shake or magic pill that just melts the fat away.

Pick something that you like.

Do you like writing?

Start a blog.  Write about what you like.  Hell write about writing and I’ll read it.  Clearly I could use the help!  You could also write as a freelancer on sites like upwork.


Like Biking?

Open up a bike shop on shopify or woocommerce.  Do your research and give reviews on the bikes you like.  You could start a blog writing reviews about bikes and link it to an amazon affiliate.


Are you a social butterfly?

Companies are looking for you.  I’m looking for you.  You could do status updates, social media marketing for a number of companies.


Like SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.  You could do local SEO for companies that just don’t have it going on.

Let me dive into this one:

Most businesses have no idea how to be seen online.  Without getting into a ton of detail, let’s say there is a carpet cleaning company in your city or town that you want to help get some clients for.

What you could do is start a simple Weebly or Wix site with a simple capture or a phone number.  You then zero in on all the local keywords that are easy to rank for since you at least know what keywords are. (unlike most business owners)

like: “Carpet Cleaning Waco Texas”

You just keep going after keywords and after a month or so  your site is getting a couple hundred visitors a day.  What you could do is forward those calls on straight to that Carpet Cleaner that you wanted to help.  You get a tracker on the phone calls that will allow you to even hear the call.  (Just so you know if they’re actually getting customers)

Then you go to that carpet cleaner and come to an agreement on what they’d like to pay to continue to get these leads.  If they don’t want them you can just forward them over to another carpet cleaner.

Thats really one that’s unlimited.


I hope I’ve given you some real value in this.  The key is to be passionate about what you’re doing.  If it sucks than it sucks.  Many like to paint a prettier picture of something in order to sell it.  Some even succeed at it.  But the majority never last.

Go out and find success cause it’s looking for you!

Hit me up in the comments if you want some more on any of the ideas I talked about.