With all the Volusion reviews out there I’m gonna try to lay out the basics on it help you with your business needs.

Volusion is one of the big boys in the Ecommerce world.  It allows you to not have a ton of online experience and still be able to start your own business site.  They have over 40,000 stores using the platform and have processed over 17 billion in sales worldwide.

So, like I said They’re no slouch.

Here are some Volusion highlights:

  1.  They have a ton of tools – There a a lot of different tools to work with in you Volusion Ecommerce store.  Of course most of them cost additional money and depend on what package you start out with.
  2.  Online Chat Support – They do have pretty much 24/7 support.  Weather that is phone, chat, or email is completely up to you.
  3. Goodbye to Transaction Fees –  The majority of other store builders charge some type of transaction fee in order to pay for that builder.  You still pay a processing fee but not the transaction fee.
  4. Volition Email-  Stay in touch with your customers thru email right inside the back office.

Volusion Not so Highlights:

  1.  What No Blog? –  Thats right no blogging function.  Which in my opinion really handcuffs you for doing any SEO for you site.  Yeah you could do the standard stuff with your products and hope they rank but thats gonna be tough to get your products seen.  Especially without purchasing their SEO service which I’ll hit on later.
  2. SSL Cert Not Included –  You’ll have to go out and purchase your SSL Cert in order to protect your customers privacy.  Really weird but yeah you’re on your own for that one.
  3. Limit on Bandwidth – You’ll have to power up if you want some more juice.  The more visitors you store attracts the more bandwidth it will take up.  Thats where this little gem comes into play.

Volusion Templates


Starting with the templates that Volusion offers for you.  The free templates are very basic and are very limited.  They only have 16 of them to choose from.

Of course you can upgrade to a premium theme.

These premium templates are very nice.  Very well designed and would make your store very attractive.

But, these premium themes are very expensive.  Even if these themes were exclusive to only you, which they aren’t, they’re expensive.

You’re almost better off buying a lifelong membership with elegant themes and working with any of those themes on a wordpress platform.  Granted you’ll need to buy your own hosting then hook up WooCommerce to those but it will still be cheaper than the 895$ for a template.

Volusion Pricing

Volusion’s pricing is tiered much like all the others depending on what tools you need to get your business going.  They offer a 14 day free trial then the juice is running sorta speak.

But as you can see is they pricing starts from 15$ and goes to 135$ a month.

You have some great tools that open up as you work your way up the ladder.  Integrations, API access, and emailing customers about loyalty programs.

Now, is it worth it?  I’ll give you my final recommendation in the summary below.


Volusion SEO Options

Here is were the rubber meets the road.  Although they do offer these SEO options, there are pretty pricey.

I really feel that these options are why they don’t offer a blog and some other on page SEO options.  They also offer site audits that will give you certain options that you can use to try to rank your store for organic search.

Your onsite SEO is so important to get your site seen by organic traffic.  So, unless you’re only paid traffic from Facebook or PPC type ads, Volusion will be tough to get a ton of free traffic.

Volusion Review Final Words


In my final review of the Volusion platform I was really happy with the ease of use and the newbie friendly type layout.  But in the end I think that it’s only for the new to Ecommerce.

The templates are very basic and lack that Bam!  But for the newbie you could be up and running in no time.

It’s really based on having to do little to no work at all and having little to no control at all.  The control factor is what keeps me from giving it a better grade.

The SEO for your site is almost not available unless you buy their upgraded SEO service which to say the least is very expensive.  So Be prepared for the cost of not having to do the work.  Which is okay, it’s just not the way I picture starting a business online.