Social media contests are not necessarily about the pot of gold at the end. Your main goal with them is to get as many of your audience as possible engaged in what you’re saying. So be sure to tailor any campaign to a specific strategy with the end goal of engagement. Here are some social media contest ideas and campaigns that stirred some heads.

We’ll also give you some basics on kicking off your own contests and other social media marketing strategies.

Keep it Real

Your customers are your best assets, especially when it comes to those customers that are reviewers. Whether you have a contest going or not, it’s always a great idea to collect feedback, comments, reviews, and testimonials from people that visit your site or try your product. Video testimonials make a great impact and can be shared on a ton of the platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

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You really can’t put a price on showing your customers real people using your product or service.  It inspires a level of trust and an idea of quality of your brand.

For instance: Cinnabon and AMC teamed up to do a social media contest promoting the better call Saul premier.  Customers took some selfies and tied them to the hashtag #saulselfie.  They had to take the selfie next to a life size cut out of Saul that were posted at all of the Cinnabon restaurants.

Customers that snapped a selfie, and uploaded it to Twitter or Instagram via the #SaulSelfie hashtag. One winner and a guest received a getaway to the show’s hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They also attended a Better Call Saul event.

Granted, you may not have these types of prizes but these selfies have real staying power with people and not to mention the fact they got people to go to the store.

Focus on the Love

Get to the heart of what your customers and you’ll find they’re much more attentive then offering them free product or big fancy prizes. Focus on a challenge that will bring both awareness to your brand and a local charity.

Teaming up with a charity is always a great idea to get your brand out there and do some good or pay it forward.

Lets say you have a solar lamp for outdoors or camping.  You could team up with a charity that provides light to children in poverty areas.  For every customers that snaps a selfie using your product and adds #lettherebelight you will send one lamp to this charity.

Games Rule

With the popularity of role-playing games, first-person shooter games and Candy Crush Saga, games are taking over. Putting your contest, content, and advertisements into games will take your engagement to new levels. Yeah even those stupid pin ball games in the sidebar, I don’t know why they work, but they do.