I’m a hater.  You can say it.  Your MLM will never work because the chips are all stacked against you.

Lets be real for a minute.  I know you’ve only known me for less than 12 seconds but it feels like we’ve know eachother forever.  Lol

Let me give you some reasons why MLM’s don’t work unless you put in your dues and lose a ton of cash and or friends in order to get there.

MLM’s are just to good to be true

I know you’re getting in on the ground floor of apple’s first days.  But be real.  You’re getting in on crapple on the ground floor.  I’ve been in MLM’s for over 12 years and they all the same story.  They find some great business person willing to sell their soul for a quick buck and the come up with the product.

Don’t get me wrong the product is good.  The product is usually so good you end your days asking yourself, ” Why the hell don’t people see they need this product?”.  Enter the problem or problems.

MLM products are overpriced

I know, shocker right!  Most products that MLM’s provide are products that are already on the market but they throw there little twist on it.

True story:  I once got in a juice MLM that based the whole product on a asteroid hitting on the land that they grew the ingredients for the juice.  I know, I know, I’m just happy I didn’t grow a third testical.  In the end all is good but I’m out about a grand because the antioxidant worked but just didn’t deliver enough on the hype.  You smell what I’m cooking?

Weather the juice be Acai, Mangosteen, Pomerganit, or Goji, the people just have to understand that it’s just a juice.  It’s not that magic super juice that will ward off evil and keep you from getting athletes foot.  At the end of the day it’s and over priced one a day.

MLM Guru’s Suck the life out of ya

As much as I hate the word Guru, these mothasucka’s will suck the life and the cash out of you in no time flat.  Believe me, I’ve followed them from business to business.  From sure thing to sure thing.  I’ve watched while they drag teams of people to new business for a couple months at a time.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking.  Your thinking that this is just some poor smo who’s been burned by an MLM and is pissy about it.  Well… You’re party right.  I’ve made thousands of dollars on MLM’s over the years and on the same token I’ve lost thousands.  I’ve seen good leaders that know when to just tell you the truth and I’ve seen and followed the leaders that lead you to the next big thing for their benefit.

Bottom line is you have to know when you’re being played.  I’m not saying that there aren’t any great leaders out there, but knowing when you have one is for the newbie MLM’er.

MLM Owners are Diva’s

The owners are always front and center of the company.  If they aren’t then you really have to ask yourself if you want to be in a company they don’t want to put thief name on.  Something to understand is that these guys and girls are the cash.  They are the ones that are fronting that tiny commission check you’re getting.

Check this out… I was in another company that got into some trouble recently.  Their claim to fame was that they paid out 50 percent of all revenue to it’s reps.  Okay sounds great.  It’s a binary commission plan which means that you have to build two legs.  You build up points on each leg in order to make a check.  Picture a big triangle.  Who do you think was at the top of that?  The owner right!

So the company was getting the other 50 percent and he was at the top of the comp plan collecting the biggest share of that 50 percent.  Just doesn’t seem right.

Other companies with mutltiple owners never seem to work.  One fights with the other and breaks off to start his or her own and take half the company with them.  Then you have to choose which way to go, which usually neither are good. Owners can really kill an entire company in no time flat.

Who understands MLM comp plans

I mean seriously.  Why can’t it be if I sell something for 100 bucks I get 50?  No, they have binary’s and straight lines, and generations.  They do that most times to distort the fact that the company is getting the bigger share in shrinkage, dropouts, or nonrefferals.  They have all these fancy terms like compassion compression that make us think that we’re on the winning side.

Belive it or not, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  We have 19 different ways to get paid.  Forget about the fact that only the top 1 percent qualify to get paid on 15 of those.

Will all MLM’s take your money

Well, Yeah.  But you won’t lose your ass in all of them.  The trick is picking a winner.  Picking a company that has great owners, great leaders, great timing for you, and an easy comp plan that is lucrative for all.  My advice to you is don’t fall for the hype.  Check it out and make your own decision.  And for god sakes don’t come knocking on my door with the juice that cure my athletes foot.

Find a produc that you can afford and that you can stand behind.  Odds are if you’re embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, it’s probably not the great.

I’m sure I get some fire back on this.  Hit me up in the comments and I’ll be glad to tell you your MLM will never work.