Thats right.  Easter ECommerce.

Think about what you buy every year  for Easter.  Thats what all the big chains are focused on.  Thats why right now all you see are baskets lined up thru the isles.

They also have those chocolate eggs with the mystery goo on the inside.  You guys can keep those.

Why is this holiday and or any holiday important to you?  Cause you want to make some money online and guess what?  I ain’t buying your snake oil.  So you might as well sell something that people actually like right.

Let me help you out.  Those guru’s telling you that you need to go out and sell that multi vitamin just don’t have your back.  Sure they’re so excited when you sell you grandmother a case that’ll sit in her garage for the next 10 years.

Thats messed up on two levels.  Well, many levels but lets just hit on these two.

  1. She’s your grandma!  She almost has to buy.  And you know that.  Get out of there.  You put on that sweater she knitted for you with the big penguin on it and you go in and sell her 100$ worth of vitamins you know she won’t take.
  2. You should be enjoying your holiday with these family members.  Instead you’ve now lower yourself to finding the best opening to plug your new cure to all of them.  Can’t miss this opportunity with all these people in one place, right?

I laugh with you.  Not at you!  I was that guy.  I was that dueche bag that had all my friends called by the company guru to sell them.  (who eventually just buried them in offers)  Yep, the guy that people would run as soon as they saw me, cause they knew I had something to sell them.

Easter Ecommerce Saves The Day

Never fear Eric is here to give you some nuggets for the car ride home.

Let me ask you..  Why not sell something you know I’m gonna buy?

Think about it.  Whats to stop you come going out and opening your own Ecommerce store and sell Easter Baskets.

You’re thinking:

  1. Everyone is doing it.  (Not true, but okay)
  2. How can I compete?  (pretty well actually)
  3. How do I start?  (Glad you asked)

I’m here to give  you some quick tips on how to set up a simple shop online and to capitalize on holidays like Chris Kringle on December 26th. Keep it simple and do what you really would like to do with it.  Think about what you’d want in a basket and get it done.  Here are 5 quick bullets on what to focus on :

1. Use what you know

Don’t try to reinvent the Pez Dispenser.  Probably not gonna happen.  But you could sell the hell out of some Pez Dispensers.  Maybe do a combo pack of some of the different ones.  Custom Baskets.  etc.

 2.  Create some Buzz

Write about it.  Blog, post on social media.  Don’t hold back.  If you wanna go for it you have to be in it to win it.  Remember, this isn’t something that you know people aren’t using on the norm.  So you don’t have to be embarrassed about.  Talk to be people about it.  Find out what they would want in a custom basket for instance.

3.  Get there Early

I’m told that the norm isn’t waiting until the day of to go out and get your kids their baskets.  Huh.  Who knew?

Seriously, you have to be in the market early or you could really miss out on the whole rush.  People won’t really be shopping as much the closer you get to that particular holiday so the earlier the better.

4. Put on some 22 inch spinners

You need to put some type of spin on the product you’re selling.  Lets stay with the baskets.  Offer some stuff to put in that no one else is offering.  Now let’s be serious, those baskets you buy at the super markets are lame as all get out.

How about a nerf gun, Gamestop gift card, or a kindle fire?  Don’t get me wrong, candy is delicious.  But, you need that extra little boost to grab peoples attention.

5. Just Do It!

I hope Nike doesn’t find this.  The next part is all on you.  You just have to decide that you’re gonna win.  No whining about time, effort, or know how.  Fact is you’ve been getting and or buy Easter baskets for years.  You know what you liked and what you didn’t.  Use all your years of experience to get it done.

If you need some more ideas or a little kick in the backside all you have to do is give me your best email at the bottom of this page and I’ll send you a free pdf full of great stuff for holiday sells.

As always, success is looking for you.  You just have to go get it, and hold on to that sucker!