The best online site builder should allow you to build and customize your online store before you actually start running it. The last thing you want is a crappy site displaying your grade A product right?  A suitable e-store builder comes with relevant tools to make an online shop exciting and user friendly. User experience is huge both in keeping your customers engaged and making sales.  Some of the key factors are processes such as hosting, designing, price and all the payment options. Tools for marketing and report making must also be included.  Sometimes these tools cost a bit extra so keep that in mind.  Not all tools come in the basic package.

When choosing the best ecommerce website builder you need to consider the type of products you’ll be selling and the traffic you’re expecting to bring in.

Who is your market?

For heavy traffic, you’ll need an e-store builder that provides a lot of storage space, perfect bandwidth and inventory.  It sounds pretty simple but it can really limit you if you choose the wrong one to start with.

E-commerce Site Builder Design

The best online site builder should have an attractive template that is ready to use; payment security is an important feature that should be factored in the software.  You want your customers to feel safe plugging in their payments.

Other necessary features that should come with the program include options for payments and shipping for your clients.

It must also provide room for tabulating and giving discounts, gift wrap options, and loyalty programs.  Try to think longer than the first week you’re open.  Think about how all the big boys and girls do it and do it better.

E-Comm 1 Mall Rats 0

E-commerce has changed the way people purchase and sell online.  It enables people to buy and sell products without going to the mall and visiting a store physically. This type of business makes it possible for transactions to be carried out from any location in the world. Through e-commerce digital content such as movies and music can be bought and sold without the buyers seeing the physical product, making instant delivery a reality.  Sometimes these products that are completely virtual are a good way for you to break into the market.

The best e-commerce website builder should enable you to do all your online transactions without any restrictions. It must come with a Security Socket Layer encryption (SSL). SSL is a protocol that secures all online payments, it is compulsory for e-commerce websites. Your website should make it easy for customers to select options on it, menus ought to be well designed, filters and other sorting options should minimize the time taken by a client to locate a product and buy it.

Some great examples of best e-store builders are Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce, BigCartel, Weebly, and many more.