Author: Carmella Shieber

6 smart competitive pricing tactics for eCommerce companies – part 2/2

In part 1 of our 6 smart competitive pricing tactics, we shared 3 ways to price your products competitively: keep your eyes on costs, never undervalue your products, and compete for pricing at the brand or category level. Today we’ll share the next three competitive pricing tactics. 4 – Analyze your competitor’s historical pricing trends to detect sales like weekend discounts or nighttime flash sales (**Here’s 1-3 of this article.) Shopping occurs mainly in the present tense–it’s a matter of “now”. However, the same is not true of pricing. Most companies have time-based pricing strategies or discounting strategies. Some...

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E-commerce delivery: Why is it essential to provide an optimal logistic experience on your web shop

Delivery Delivery is becoming increasingly important for online shoppers. These days, many web shops are focusing on delivering orders as fast as possible, but they often do not offer enough options. A European study (MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015) with 3,000 online shoppers, aged 18 to 65, indicated that the logistic experience is key in the online buying process. No less than 49% of the consumers is willing to pay more for their purchases if they can select various delivery methods. For an increasing number of customers, choosing the delivery time and location is an important factor alongside the...

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6 smart competitive pricing tactics for eCommerce companies – part 1/2

Competitive eCommerce pricing is not just price-matching or undercutting competitor prices. By using the right competitive intelligence technology, eCommerce companies can go way beyond that and competitively price in a more analytical and profitable way. I’ll show you how you can do just that by focusing on some often-neglected business scenarios that occur in eCommerce. Today, I’m sharing 6 business cases that prove eCommerce companies of all sizes can address and outsmart their competition with competitive pricing tactics. You won’t have to undercut prices and give away profit margins. I’ll teach you how you can act smart and fast...

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The Small business guide to home rule and sales tax

As a small business, collecting sales taxes can cost you time and money. But the consequences of not doing sales taxes right can be even worse. Dealing with “home rule” states can make things even trickier because those states allow local communities to set and process sales taxes themselves. It’s important to be aware of home rule sales tax issues to avoid potential pitfalls. What is home rule? In general, home rule states allow local governments the authority to administer something differently than state law does. This can cover a lot of areas of government, including sales tax, and, in fact, 38 states allow local jurisdictions to impose their own sales taxes. In most of these states, localities must follow state guidelines in levying sales taxes, and sales taxes are collected on their behalf by the state. However, there are a few states where local jurisdictions not only have the power to levy taxes but also have authority to make their rules—such as defining nexus—and to administer and collect sales taxes themselves. These states are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and Louisiana. Alaska is a bit of a special case because it has no statewide sales tax, but local jurisdictions can independently levy and collect sales tax according to their own rules. These are the states in which home rule really makes a difference to businesses that collect sales tax....

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