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Nominate PrestaShop! in the 2016 Critics’ Choice CMS Awards

We are once again running for the Critics’ Choice CMS Awards. Please help us get nominated in the categories: Best Open Source CMS and Best eCommerce Software Nominations close on September first, so go here to lend your support. There is no time to lose. Please nominate us in the following two categories: Best Open Source CMS Best eCommerce Software    Submit Your Nomination We really appreciate your support! Help us spread the word by using the social sharing icons at the bottom of this blog post. We’ll keep you posted on the results! Receive articles like this in your inbox! Subscribe to get the latest ecommerce news and tips sent directly to your email. Subscribe About Preston’s Friends We’ve hand-picked a selection of contributors from our puffin community to share expert tips and advice on ecommerce-related topics. Learn more about the author at the end of each article.View all posts by Preston’s Friends → Powered by...

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6 Outdated Designs You Need to Remove At Once from your Website

Back in the day, websites captured users’ attention by using cool animation and effects. It’s 2016, and these tricks don’t work anymore. The users of today are web-savvy and have a short attention span due to their fast-paced lives. So, you’ve got a mere 15 seconds to grab their interest to your website. Based on this evolution, new web design trends focus on providing a better experience that won’t infuriate the users and make them exit your site. So, whether your website is a few years old, or you need tips on what you shouldn’t do as a web...

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The Nine Essential Features of an Online Fashion and Accessories Store

If you run a fashion-oriented ecommerce business, then you’re already aware of the particular needs and challenges of selling clothes, shoes and accessories online: mobile accessibility, simple and fluid navigation and attractiveness are just the beginning. Here at PrestaShop we’ve put together a list of the best modules for your online store so you can perform stronger in every aspect of your business. Adopt these e-commerce best practices to optimize your fashion store! User-friendly navigation Responsive web design When shopping for fashion, 45-60% of customers use a mobile device, either to browse before going to a store, or to...

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3 steps to building a Personalized Customer Experience on your Ecommerce site

Ecommerce is becoming increasingly competitive. Customers shop around more and their buying cycles are longer and longer; traffic is harder and more expensive to attract. Most critically, customers have more power than ever before. So how do you keep your store from drowning in the crowd of choices? Personalize. In today’s video, Francois Bouquet, Head of Business Development France at NOSTO explains the importance of listening to individual customers in order to attract, convert, retain and optimize traffic.   Watch more videos Receive articles like this in your inbox! Subscribe to get the latest ecommerce news and tips sent directly to your email. Subscribe About Kate Robinson Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Kate Robinson has spent over a decade as a writer, editor and translator in Paris. She got her start in publishing actual print books before taking the leap to the web. When she’s not sharing ecommerce advice with the PrestaShop community, she’s writing about craft beer and trying to climb mountains. View all posts by Kate Robinson → Powered by...

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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP); How Can It Help My Website?

Since Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative, the world has quickly adapted to it. Considered to speed up mobile browsing, the project has had the cooperation of many big names in the technology industry. But what is AMP, how does it affect your SEO efforts and what benefits can your website reap from it? Here’s the whole story. What is AMP? Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an Open-source coding standard that is developed to allow web pages on mobile phones to load faster. AMP enables publishers to take heavy and clunky web pages and...

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