Eric And Gina Davis

Eric And Gina Davis

Business Owners

Little about us and what we do and or have done.


Well, I’ve been through it all. I own three retail businesses, two of which are open 24 hours a day. Which means I have a 25 hour headache. But they do have their awesomeness to them. I’ve been in online businesses for over 12 years now. I’ve made thousands and lost thousands with them. But Along the way I’ve come out on top and learned a ton about running a successful business. Weather you want to have a go at the old brick and mortar business or sit in your pj’s and sell from home. Both have challenges and advantages. I can help you to find the right path for your next business adventure.


I’m a personal fitness coach, Zumba Instructor, owner of my own clothing brand, and a mother.  Not in that order.  I’m a mother that has found a way to motivate people to achieve new heights.  Weather that be with personal life, weight, or in business.  My husband and I have been in many different businesses over the years, but none have been as rewarding and challenging as raising our three kids.  Whatever your hurdle maybe, we can help you get past it to reach a personal freedom like you’ve never had before.