Successful dieting doesn’t have to be that hard.  Here’s the skinny on this sorta speak.

There are tons of articles out there on how to diet and how to be fit.  So to be real with you I’m gonna give you some easy ways that have helped me along the way to lose weight.

One thing about dieting is It Sucks!

So don’t diet.  Don’t act like you’re on some fad diet that all you do is eat cookies and you lose weight.  It has to be a total different way of thinking and looking at what you do.

People sometimes talk about a lifestyle.  Thats exactly what it is.  So eating good a couple months is just not gonna get you to where you want to be.  It has to be adopted in as part of what you do.

So lets give you some tips that can help you curve that big mac craving.  Oppp I said the B word!

1. Water, Water, and more Water.

Water does a few things.  I cuts your hunger a bit with out the calories added in.  And it really helps flush the body of all the crap you’ve been shoving in your mouth all day.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a some kind of flavoring but try to stay away from any added sugar.  Kinda defeats the purpose of drinking water if you just add some sugar.  Might as well get you a big old coke.

2. Always have a healthy meal ready to go

I’ve found that if I ever get hungry and or are just bored I go looking for something to eat.  Have you ever ended up staring into the fridge and not even know why you’re there?  I have…  It’s a habit that is hard to break.  So if you have a healthy meal that all you have to do is heat up it can really help with the junk food.  You don’t just grab anything you can see.

3. Protien and Portion Control

Always try to lean on the protein side of meals.  Portions are one of those that I continue to battle today.  My wife will always make me a plate and I’ll end up sneaking around her back to the stove.  So if it’s one of those times that you just need some more on your plate.  Hey thats okay!  Just go with the more chicken instead of the rice.

4. I’ve got one word for you!  CHEAT!

You can’t be expected to just drop everything cold turkey.  You just have to be smart about it.  If you like bakery cookies just buy one instead of the box.  I try to live on a 90/10 rule.  90 percent of what you eat has to be healthy.  Basically, low calorie, low fat, and low sugar.  I don’t count calories but I do watch what I put into my body.

I’ve never liked counting calories.  After all, I’m not getting in a fit competition.  I just wanna look half way decent when I hit the pool.

5.  Eat more meals during the day

I know, crazy right?  There are a bunch of people saying many different things about how many meals you’re supposed or not supposed to eat in a day.  I’ve had the most success eating 4-5 smaller meals a day.  What that does is ensure you’re not hungry.  So you don’t make bad eating decisions.

It also keeps your metabolism going all day so you will end up burning more calories during the day.  You also don’t want to eat a bigger meal close to bed time.

6. Make it hot

Really, you don’t have to make it hot.  But you do need to make it fit to your taste buds.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean that your food has to taste like cardboard.  You just have to get some spice in your life.

I found an awesome site with a ton of recipes on it that really helped giving me ideas on what I should be eating.

The site is

On that site he has different proteins and veggies to choose from.  He even has his own spices so that makes it easy.

7. Try to cut the pasta

You can save a ton of calories if you sub veggies for the pasta.  Cutting that starch will really help when it comes to getting in those smaller jeans.

8. How Bout some Fiber

Yeah the F word.  It’s kinda one of those things that we all need.  I really don’t have a problem since my wife is hispanic so pretty much everything has some beans in it.

But think nuts, veggies, fruits, whole grain foods, and oatmeal to really get some of the benefits of fiber.  I can help to keep you regular, help with you digestion, and lower cholesterol.

9.  Take your time

Losing weight takes some time.  So, don’t get a big rush to get it off.  I can tell you that you’ll be real discouraged if you weigh yourself every day and don’t drop.  You should weigh in one or two times a week.  You should lose one to two pounds a week so you have plenty of time to reach your goals.


I know how hard it is to try to drop some unwanted weight.  I hope I gave you some good stuff to work on here and can get you to take action on your weight goals.

You can do it.  You just have to be a little grounded and have some changes in what is eaten at home.  Of course you need some exercise to top it all off.  But we’ll hit on that in another article.  If you need some extra help.  My wife Gina can give you a consultation for free.  Just hit me up in the contacts and we can get started.

Go get em!