The year can now begin… Your 2017 e-commerce calendar has arrived!

The calendar includes preparation periods for the key sales dates in your country. Each week you will find a word of advice to ensure the success of your sales operations, boost your traffic, optimize your conversions and revenue and manage your store more easily and efficiently!
…And we would like to thank for its help with integrating the template and data

12 pages to support you all year long

You already have the talent and ideas. We’re just helping you get organized!

The main activity periods, at a glance. Thanks to the circular calendar, you will know when and how to prepare for each major sales event (sales, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, etc.), but also for specific events in 2017.

A word of advice each week. For boosting traffic or conversion rates, improving user experience, increasing average cart value or retaining customers in your online store, and more.

The secrets to success of other e-merchants. Every month, a PrestaShop e-merchant shares one of their tips with you. Take advantage of them!

A selection of tools to make your everyday life easier. For each tip, you will find a selection of modules enabling you to easily create and send your newsletters, create your promotions in just a few clicks, optimize the management of your store, and more.

Downloaded around the world

“I’m so busy! The sales are here but I didn’t know the dates in advance, so I haven’t done anything to prepare my store yet… This is a key period for sales and I’m going to miss it!”

That is what you told us five years ago during meetings and e-commerce audits. At the time, there was no tool available to help e-merchants with the daily organization of their work.

A few weeks later, we created the circular calendar, which lets you quickly know when and how to start preparing for each promotion.

Ever since then, each year, our e-commerce calendar has been downloaded around the world and taken up by many sites that are experts in e-commerce. I am happy and touched that this calendar has been able to help you in the day-to-day.

Wherever you are, take advantage of advice specific to your country!
With the help of the PrestaShop Ambassadors, we have made our e-commerce calendar available in more countries this year to help even more merchants succeed.
The 2017 calendar is available in 8 languages and customized for 10 countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom).

You now have the keys to get ahead and know when and how to prepare your e-commerce site for 2017!
…Just one more thing. Your store is unique.
The calendar also contains sections that need filling in. By you.
You know your products and customers better than anyone else. Fill in the empty sections with the actions that you want to put in place, so that you can get ready and really succeed this new year.

“The future is the past in preparation” (Pierre Dac).
So let’s prepare and build a fantastic year together!

Download your 2017 e-commerce calendar

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About Cécile Dubouis

Her passion: make e-merchants succeed! Cecile Dubouis has been working for 16 years in webmarketing and e-commerce. She is our Marketing Manager for PrestaShop Addons, and tries to make her 2-years-old son the youngest e-merchant.

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